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Dallas area Psychic Tori BarlowTestimonials Psychic Readings
Dallas area Psychic Tori Barlow

 I find Vickie's readings filled with wise guidance.  She uses her gifts lovingly and you don’t feel judged for your questions.  She has a level of integrity and accuracy in her professionalism that has made me feel respected and I walk away with a new perspective that is very helpful. “

EA, Frisco Texas 

Dallas area Psychic Tori Barlow

 Let me tell you how much respect and value I have for Vickie's gift. She is awesome, accurate, and to the point. Vickie answered my questions, plus many more in the time we shared. I was so impressed that I feel the confidence to move forward. Which I didn't have before, and she will be my go to person for any future questions. Thank you!, Vickie and her angles for the wonderful blessing you have gifted me now and in my future. You will Love her!

-- Tori Marks




Vickie is the most amazing psychic I have ever been too. She is uncannily accurate and upbeat and positive. It is like speaking to an old friend.  I highly recommend her to anyone interested in hearing what their future holds.

-- Ellen Hollowell, Texas




You are awesome.. the most accurate reading I have ever had. Your warm approach to my situation was really appreciated. From the first call I knew right then an there this is the real deal.. I will most definitely call again. You made my holidays so much better.. :) merry Xmas

-- Tracy Ellis, Wisconsin






 When I found Vickie I was very broken and confused. Her voice calmed and comforted me like talking with a close friend. Her details and accuracy with time were amazing! She said 3 days and it was 3 days exactly even when I never thought it could be true! Her description of events and people are also very accurate. I have found a compassionate psychic who I have recommended to others as well. Any time I have a situation tori is who I can trust!

-- Sarah Butler, Oklahoma




Vickie has worked at my store on several occasions. Vickie is an amazing reader. My customers love her and I have received amazing feedback from my customers about Vickie. She is very respected in the industry and she has been an asset to my business. I highly recommend Vickie to anyone seeking a true professional.

-- Joy Kauf from Miracles of Joy





I can depend on Vickie for insightful readings that are specific and upbeat! Vickie's psychic ability and down-to-earth delivery always guide me to the problem solving tools I need. Her quiet faith and optimism empower me. Thank you, Vickie!

-- C.H. - Dallas




My readings with Vickie have always been done in the spirit of truth and caring.  Reading with Vickie is like speaking with a trusted friend.  She's always willing to do whatever necessary to help me understand whatever it is I'm going through with a gentle and kind heart.  I recommend her!!

-- S.M. – Dallas, TX




I first sought out Vickie when I was experiencing darkest in my life. When circumstance, situations, people didn’t make much sense. I needed guidance and received more than that from Vickie. Through out the years she has been a great source for decision making, encouragement and self enlightenment. Vickie has taught me as well as helped me in many ways. Her compassionate, empathetic, genuinely caring heart makes her a wonderful counselor along with her honest character. To me Vickie is a true earth angel and friend that I recommend highly to anyone currently seeking a little guidance, and or clarity in their life.

-- K.A.  - Lewisville, TX




Vickie Barlow is magnificent at predicting events. She has been the most accurate reader I have ever gone to. She is a person with a lot of brilliant light and this light shines through in her readings. She always guides me to truth – and this is a very important gift. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Vickie as a spiritual guide who is in touch with the greater good to assist with the journey of life.

-- Beverly A. – Las Colinas, TX




I call on Vickie for a reading whenever an important or difficult decision has to be made.  I feel that she always guides me in the right direction.  Her readings are extremely accurate and positive.  She has an amazing gift which I rely on and trust to help me move forward in my life.
-- Diane  - Fort Worth, Texas

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