Tori grew up in a very religious home and had a strong faith in God. Spiritual matters were always fascinating to her.  As far back as she can remember, she hungered for knowledge of Spirit.


      She wanted to experience something more than what she had been taught, so she read and studied everything she could find on spiritual matters.



      Tori recalls when growing up that her bedroom seemed full of energy that could not be explained. She had vivid dreams and has kept a journal of her dreams for many years and has learned to interpret and understand the meaning of dreams.


       After her father passed away in 1996, her desire to learn more about Spirituality and his Native American Cherokee roots became stronger. She began to study Mediumship and took several spiritual classes to develop her skills and gifts, along with learning the ways of the Cherokee people. These things seemed to go hand and hand and have become a part of her daily life.


      Throughout her journey, Tori has found that daily meditations help her most when  communicating with her angels and guides. It is her desire to bring hope, love, and joy to those that are hurting and in need of comfort.

          Tori is also the owner of Elysian Oracle Metaphysical & Holistic Fair which is an up and coming fair in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Please visit for more information.


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